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Were Charlie Christian And Jimi Hendrix The Same Person?

     Since energy cannot be created or destroyed but can only change form, termination of life is tantamount to transformation of energy.  In this regard, one can rediscover the same energy when reincarnated in another form.  It is, consequently, my contention that the two greatest guitarists of the twentieth century, Charlie Christian and Jimi Hendrix, were actually the same person – separated only by a processing period of re-birth.

     Charlie Christian was born July 29, 1916, and died March 2, 1942; Jimi Hendrix lived from November 27, 1942 to September 18, 1970.  The time differential between the death of the former and the birth of the latter was five days less than nine months – pre-requisite period for full term pregnancy.

     Their lives not only followed the same pattern but, ultimately, had the same purpose – to catapult the guitar out of obsolescence and into orbit.  They both achieved their purpose by setting new standards and redefining old dimensions.  Their emergence on the music scene instantly eclipsed all that happened prior to their arrival and enabled each to become the singular lead guitarist of the time.

     It is as if the one having accomplished his mission during an abbreviated lifetime returned as the other to repeat his achievement for a new generation and that the societal system that supported the first part of his manifestation had to further evolve before sanctioning the second part.

     They were both fire signs, born in astrological sequence.  Christian was a Leo; Hendrix was a Sagittarius.  The personal number that each had on their day of birth was duplicated on their death day.  Christian’s personal number at birth was two: (29=2+9=11=1+1=2) and at death was two: (2=2); Hendrix’s personal number at birth was nine: (27=2+7=9) and at death was nine: (18=1+8=9).  Musically, two and nine are identical notes an octave apart.  By examining two octaves in the scale of C major, one can observe that the second and ninth notes or steps are the same: “D”: C(1), D(2), E(3), F(4), G(5), A(6), B(7), C(8), D(9), E(10), F(11), G(12), A(13), B(14), C(15).

     Sometimes Charlie Christian and Jimi Hendrix were “inverted chords” of each other.  Christian was born in an eight year (1916=1+9+1+6=17=1+7=8) and died in a seven year (1942=1+9+4+2=16=1+6=7) while Hendrix was born in a seven year (1942) and died in an eight year: 
(1970=1+9+7+0=17=1+7=8).  It should be further noted that Christian’s birth year and Hendrix’s death year each total 17 and that Christian’s death year and Hendrix’s birth year, being the same year, total sixteen.

     In addition, their respective places of birth both had a five name number.  Christian was born in Bonham, Texas: B=2+0=6+N=5+H=8+A=1+M=4+T=2+E=5+X=6+A=1+S=1, 
which totals 41 (4+1=5); 

Hendrix was born in Seattle, Washington: S=1+E=5+A=1+T=2+T=2+L=3+E=5+
W=5 +A=1+S=1+H=8+I=9+N=5+G=7+T=2+O=6+N=5 
which totals 68 (6+8=14=1+4=5).  

Moreover, their respective names at birth, Johnny Allen Hendrix and Charles Christian both had a five name number: J=1+O=6+H=8+N=5+N=5+Y=7
which totals 95 (9+5=14=1+4=5) 

and C=3+H=8+A=1+R=9+L=3+E=5+S=1
which totals 77 (7+7=14=1+4=5).  

Also, both birth numbers, in addition to having the single digit of five, possess a double digit of fourteen.  It should be further observed that the double digit pattern of their birthplace and birth name totals: 41, 14, 14, and 14.

     The names Charlie Christian and Jimi Hendrix both have double syllables in their first and last names.  Both first names begin with a consonant and end with elongated “e” sound vowels and have the accent on the first syllable.  Both last names begin and end with consonants and have the accent on the first syllable.  In addition, the meaning of the name Christian is obvious, compounded by the fact that Charlie’s father also played guitar.  Symbolically, when Charlie commenced playing guitar at the age of twelve, it was time for him “to” be about his father’s business. “Whereas the word “Christ” is in the first part of Christian’s last name, the letter “x” is at the very end of Hendrix’s last name.  X, of course, is often substituted for the name Christ, as in X-mas for Christmas.  Hendrix began playing guitar at age 11.

     Each one was initially inspired by Black musicians, gained wide acceptance and steady work while with white musicians, but constantly gravitated to Black musicians for artistic fulfillment, spiritual gratification, and growth.

     Both musicians were composers as well as performers.  Both received awards for the best on their instrument the four-year period prior to their death: Christian from 1939 to 1942, Hendrix from 1967 to 1970.

     They looked alike and lived alike.  Both were workaholics and playaholics.  Both engaged in substance abuse.  Each died in his twenties as a result of a self-abusive lifestyle.  At the time of death, Christian was 25 years and seven months old, Hendrix was 27 years and nine months old.  Looking at the year total and month remainder, we see that they are numerologically equivalent to each other: 2+5=7; 2+7=9.

     In 1937, it was the pioneer guitarist, Eddie Durham, who took Charlie Christian in hand and tutored him in the fundamentals of guitar amplification.  By taking one “bird in hand,” he inadvertently taught another in the wings.  Charlie Christian and Jimi Hendrix each lived long enough to complete their mission.  When they finally destroyed the form, the energy remained.  It still remains, waiting in the wings, ready to rise again.

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Publication Date: 08-19-95